Where is the (Self) Love? 

Self-love is not about having an inflated ego and it’s not about being selfish. 

It’s not about pampering yourself or being indulgent either. You can have all of the candlelit baths or spa days in the world but if you don’t truly love yourself, or even like yourself, it won’t make a slight bit of difference to how you feel.


Do you actually love yourself?

Ask yourself this:

How do you really feel about yourself?

Do you show yourself compassion?

Do you live according to your own values and needs?

Do you think you are ‘enough?’ 

True self-love is about showing yourself compassion and forgiving yourself for those things that you’re still carrying around. It means getting your own needs met, standing up for what you value and believe, and being able to say no to people. 

Many people would say this is selfish, but when you love yourself, it puts you in a better position to love and support others, and have good relationships with them. Give yourself no love, time, or appreciation, and you’ll have nothing to give to anyone else. 

You know what they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

The consequences of not loving yourself enough

If you don’t love yourself enough, that familiar critical voice can take over. The feeling of never being ‘good enough’ drives the way you think and act, and this can lead to anxiety, depression, guilt, and more. 

If this sounds like you, all is not lost-hypnotherapy can help you learn to love yourself. 

How hypnotherapy can help you learn to love yourself

Hypnotherapy can help you challenge all those limiting beliefs you have about yourself and look at the underlying reasons why you struggle with self-love. These will all be buried in your subconscious, and hypnotherapy can delve deep, clear out any unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, and replace them with more positive and empowering ones. 

Tactics to bring a little bit more self-love into your life 

Learn to relax

We use relaxation techniques a lot in hypnotherapy. Relaxation can reduce stress, slow down your thoughts, and bring you into the here and now. 

Find your calm place

Whether it’s the beach or a peaceful meadow, It’s a good idea to have a safe place in your mind to go whenever you need time to yourself. When the mind feels safe, it’s far more able to process and deal with things so you can move forward. 

Use positive affirmations

You might feel like you’re just saying things at first, but even if you don’t realise it, what you tell yourself usually finds its way into your subconscious mind (a bit like all of those times you told yourself you weren’t good enough!)

So it makes sense that if you feed your subconscious with positive and empowering statements, your mind will start to believe them. 

Do you struggle with self-love and self-worth?

Is a feeling of not being ‘good enough’ holding you back? 

You deserve to be happy and live life to the full. 

Get in touch to find out how hypnotherapy can give you back that self-belief.

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