Time To Talk – February 1st

Do you talk to yourself?

My Nan used to say “talking to yourself is the first sign of madness”.  But we do don’t we? We talk to ourselves a lot of the time and may not realise we do.  It’s done very privately where no one can hear, just us.  It’s done inside our very own mind, our lips don’t even move do they?

The self-talk

In self-talk we often give ourselves a label that can stop us from being really happy and living a fulfilling life.  We can perform badly, miss opportunities, be very negative and therefore create more stress and anxiety than is good for us.  Negative comments from others can have a real effect on us and how we feel.  The self-talk can be from the past and just hang around in our subconscious.  Teachers, grandparents, parents or even an old boss can feed us negative ideas about ourselves. 

Can you think of anything that has ever been said to you and you have taken it in with that kind of negative tone?  “That’s far too hard for you so don’t even bother to try it” becomes “why bother” is just an example. So what I’m saying here is that things can and do have a very powerful effect on the way we feel.  It can lead to depression, fears, anxiety and so on. 

So can the reverse style thinking benefit us? 

Yes it can.  We are what we think.  How do you speak to a best friend or close relative in need who is having a bad time maybe?  Would you speak to them with empathy, positively and be reassuring?  You would comfort them wouldn’t you?  So why be harsh on yourself and be critical of you?  Double standards maybe?

Be your very very own best friend.  Think about what you would say to them and say them to yourself too.  You really are worth it. You have a right to be happy!

Do talk to yourself, but nicely.