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Hypnosis is used by everyone to find peace, clarity and more constructive perspectives in their lives and challenges to move into a better feeling place. Through hypnosis we can work together to create rapid and dramatic changes in your thinking and habits so that you can feel better about anything you want to in your life!

I recently had a "clear out" session with Mrs B which is designed to allow you to literally clear out the negative stuff going on in your subconscious. It wasn't an easy process for me because I had a lot of stuff to deal with it, but Mrs B supported me expertly through the whole thing professionally and empathically and explained everything. I felt completely in control throughout, which surprised me and i felt very relaxed during it. Since the session, I have felt buoyant and confident and like a new woman. I'm going back for some sessions for some other issues and I'm looking forward to more progress. Wish I'd tried this years ago. Thank you Mrs B!
Miriam Heppell
19:48 29 Sep 18
I went to Mrs .B to quit smoking .She explained everything thoroughly before treatment began . I went in with an open mind about hypnotherapy and I was desperate for some help to stop as will power alone wasn't working . Well so far so good . The first day I did still have some cravings but it was more muted , almost like it would be after maybe 2 weeks of quitting normally . After that I have to say I hardly had any cravings , maybe just the occasional time ie when I had a drink or was a bit stressed , but I was able to push it out of my mind a lot easier . I still listen to the recording that Mrs .B provides , and I quite often fall asleep , which I feel does me good anyway as Its helping me relax as well .I should also say that I live with someone who smokes and It doesn't bother me at all , which is incredible really .If your serious about quitting I would definitely recommend seeing Mrs.B
jojo martyn
09:12 22 Aug 18
I went to Mrs B for my fear of falling on stairs. I didn't know anything about Hypnotherapy but I wanted to try it as I thought it would help. I rang her and she wanted to know everything about how I feel and what goes on in my mind when I'm on the stairs. This was me feeling nausia within the first 5 steps then feeling light headed as I go up. She listened to everything I said and within days I saw her.In the consultation, me and my mum spoke about my fear of falling on stairs and my childhood. Mrs B thought that my fear could be linked back to it and she was correct. In the consultation, she also hypnotised me. I was very nervous but as she started to hypnotise me and get me to relax the nerves went away. I felt like I could open my eyes and walk out at any point as she didn't have control of me. After the consultation, there was another appointment were she gave my fear of falling on stairs a name which Is Bathmophobia. If it wasn't for her, I'd still be fearing them. I can't thank her enough. I was given a recording of the hypnotising and in under a week, there has been remarkable changes. She was very positive all the way through and gave praise.
Natasha Jacobs
16:05 07 Sep 18
I went to Mrs B for a virtual gastric band. After years of joining slimming world, losing weight, then putting it back on again and more I needed to try something new and needed motivation. I’d done some research and decided to give it a try. I was very scared at first as I have seen comedy hypnotist shows and was worried about not being in control and having my mind being taken over but it was nothing like that at all. During my sessions with Mrs B I felt very relaxed and just listened to what she was saying. I felt like I could get up and leave at anytime - it’s not like what you see on TV! You just sit in a chair and listen, that’s all. It feels like you are in between being awake and asleep, but in control at all times. I felt very safe. I am so glad I went to Mrs B. She has helped me to change how I think about food and now I even enjoy exercise - which isn’t like me at all. I even get annoyed if I can’t get to the gym! I can eat normally and simply stop when I feel full. No more emotional eating, no more secret snacking and I have lost 9lb in 3 weeks! I am looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks bring and I’m very motivated to carry on.I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy to anyone for any issues. I never realised before how much help is there for all different issues. I plan to go back for other things for myself. Thank you Mrs B x
Chantelle 1234
14:02 23 Mar 18
I cannot recommend Mrs B hghly enough. I was very open minded when I went to her and resepted very well. There is nothing to be alarmed about hypnotherapy as you are very conscious of what you are doing and can open your eyes and come out of it at any time. It's just a very relaxed state you are in.After my 2nd session Mrs B sent me an MP3 recording which I've to listen to everyday for 28 days, well, what a difference I feel just after that 1st session. Nothing could dull my sparkle. It has done exactly what I asked of Mrs B and I'm so grateful.If you are thinking of hypnotherapy then stop thinking and just do it... it will take you to where you want to be.
Julie C
18:06 02 Mar 18
We would highly recommend Mrs B. She is very thorough, listens and at no time does it feel like it is about taking your money she is all about making situations better. The sessions are explained and structured and the recording provided afterwards is an exceptional and valuable tool and something that you can carry with you and use now and in the future. She has a very calm character that understands family and appreciates every element of a family unit for us this was a beautiful and rare thing to find. In 2 sessions and a recording she has achieved so much we will be forever grateful.
12:32 23 Oct 18
Mrs B helped me overcome my nerves for an important interview. Not only could i speak clearly, not shake and felt calm, i came away with calming techniques to work in everyday life. Very much so recommend
13:45 03 Nov 18
I went to Mrs B to sort out my pre wedding nerves, with less then a week to go until the big day i wasnt sure she would be able to help me but after a couple of appointments & listening to my personal recording twice a day i feel she helped me massively... thankyou 😊
Ben Burnett
23:31 04 Nov 18
I contacted mrs b As soon as I started to feel my problems start with my anxiety and depression she was very quick to reassure me that she could help me and saw me as soon as she could I have had 2 sessions now and feel so much better already hypnotherapy is an excellent way of coping quicker and more effectively than pills and potions it’s nothing to be afraid of either you can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to ... please try yourself it really works
Mandy Roberts
11:54 16 Dec 18
I would highly recommend Mrs B, she's very kind and patient. I have been suffering from anxiety for many years, and have wanted to try hypnotherapy for some time but was nervous as hypnotherapy felt like 'the unknown'. Mrs B offers a taster session, which gave me the chance to try it out, put me at my ease and see there was nothing to be scared of. Thank you Mrs B!
rachael Hardy
09:31 14 Jan 19
Such a fantastic thing to do, people should definitely try this first to help with any problem and Mrs B is so lovely and welcoming . Hypnotherapy is so different to anything I expected definitely recommend.
22:25 10 Mar 19
I went to see Mrs B to help stop smoking. I have quit using other methods before but suffer with side effects from patches and medication and always start again so I thought I'd try something different. Mrs B is very patient and has a really warm personality which helps you relax in minutes.Hypnotherapy was not what I thought it was going to be-there was no mind control or memory loss for me. I remember it all as if it were just a conversation. Initially, I was concerned as I realised when I got home that I didn't hate smoking. There was nothing physically stopping me from having a cigarette however my mind chose not to. The first few days I had a few minor cravings but I listened to the recording she sent and that really helped. I didn't suffer any of the side affects that I've had previously when I stopped smoking; no lack of sleep, mood swings or serious cravings niggling at my mind. 5 weeks on and I'm doing well, I haven't had a cigarette or even a serious craving for one. I am breathing better, finding exercise easier and I've just realised that the money I've saved over the last 5 weeks has already covered the cost of the treatment. I've recommended Mrs B to several people who I know she will help when they're ready to get in touch. To anyone thinking about visiting Mrs B for help I'd say go see her, I wish I'd done it years ago. Thanks Mrs B.
Sophie Thompson
20:36 15 Apr 19
Well I've come to the end of my 3 session programme and i must say what a fantastic experience i had i was having a problem with alcohol dependency as i was always stressed out and angry and i used alcohol as a cure as that was what my mind was used to and after just 1 session with mrs b i was half cured and a lot calmer and now that my 3rd session has finished i feel a total different person, more happier and alcohol is now no longer an issue i would like to say a massive thankyou to you mrs b for guiding me in the right direction and for your amazing hypnotherapy work your amazing at what you do i would reccomend this service to anyone and i will happily stay in touch just in case i need you again in the near future thanks again mrs b. Andy 🙂
21:48 15 Apr 19
The fabulous Mrs.B.! I must admit that I was sceptical about the power of hypnosis when first meeting Mrs.B but after an initial meeting to get to know you and explain what is involved she is able to help you to resolve all manner of problems or just give you a boost and make you feel good.If you are thinking of trying hypnosis, don't hesitate in contacting Mrs.B you will be surprised and delighted with the positive effect it will have on your life.
Hull Movers
08:59 09 Jul 19
Fantastic Hypnotherapist. Highly Recommend.I saw Mrs B with anxiety. I had no experience of hypnotherapy , so was very fortunate to choose Mrs B. It was immediately clear that she is very well qualified in her field. Mrs B was very friendly and personable which made her an exceptionally easy person to talk to. Right from the outset she was able to settle me down and explain to me very clearly what the sessions were all about and what they would achieve. I found it very easy to relax and get the most from the time I spent with her.The practice room is immaculate and very calming. Mrs B is very welcoming and extremely good at helping people to relax and her knowledge is extremely impressive. She stands out because she has the perfect personality to make the best use of it when dealing with her clients. Mrs B approaches even the most sensitive issues with thoughtfulness and kindness.I have no hesitation saying that the improvements I have seen have come about as a direct result of my sessions with Mrs B and my personal recordings that I use daily. I would recommend her to anyone.
Ciara O'rourke
10:12 16 Jul 19

Sugar Addiction

Exam Stress

Mrs B. J &K R

Before I went to Mrs B’s I had a bad case of anxiety, lots of things would set me off on a panic attack out of nowhere and it was becoming hard for me to go out in public without feeling like I was going to suffer one. When I started to visit Mrs B’s I felt like I could tell her about all of my worries and what was going on in my life that we thought was causing the majority of my anxiety. Over the last few months I have really become my old self again with the help of Mrs B, I have learnt how to control myself and when to take myself out of a situation that I don’t feel comfortable in.

Mrs B has really helped me through my exam stress and I feel readier to face them now than I did when I was preparing on my own. Through the sessions together and the recordings that I use at home I have really been able to take the time to sit down and listen to them then have the inspiration to take the time to revise and prepare for my exams. It has made me feel more confident in not only the passing of my exams but in my everyday life.  ER

Just a few lines to show our thanks and  appreciation for the help you have offered our daughter.

We booked a course of sessions for our teenage daughter with Mrs B for help with her anxiety and confidence issues. We found her to be very helpful, understanding and reassuring, our daughter felt better from her first meeting. From the beginning, she said she felt much more in control and able to deal with the pressures of school exams and other stressful occasions in her life. As a family we can see a positive change in our daughters behaviour and well-being, she is much happier and more in control of her emotions and the pressures of modern day life. Thank You

Self Esteem


I want to say a big  thank you to Mrs B..  From  our first consultation you have made me feel so so welcome…  I was a little bit worried about the whole hypnotherapy process at first but once I realised that it wasn’t intrusive and as scary as I thought I went for it with open arms… Mrs B you have really helped with my confidence and anxiety problems..  All of my sessions have really really helped..  I’m a lot more collected than I was prior to the sessions..  Hypnotherapy wow.. What  a great experience..  The way it’s made me feel I’m all floaty and tingly it’s a warm bubbly feeling  and  I wish I would of discovered it years ago…People think it’s quite scary..  Take it from me its not..  I feel amazing and I haven’t felt like this in a long long time…I loved my experience so much so my son will start his sessions soon.  Highly recommend Mrs B thank you, you have changed mine /our lives.

Skin biting & picking

Miss RT

From the first time you meet Mrs. B, she will make you feel like you are already a friend. This instantly puts you at ease and you can relax in knowing she genuinely wants to help you. She explains everything in detail and makes sure you are fully comfortable with the process before beginning. The process is simple , you literally just feel like you are really relaxed. You know where you are, you have thoughts just as normal and basically just take an hour out of your day to relax !! ? I found it great to have an hour out of my busy day with Mrs B and afterwards the results were instant. I went back for another session to make sure my bad habit was gone. I definitely recommend going if you would like something in your life to change as then you can get on with the more important things! I was spending so much time being annoyed at my problem and it was like Mrs B took the problem right out of my hands !! Xx



Mrs B has changed my life, I signed up feeling as low as I think possible but after 3 sessions I feel like a completely different person. I’ve not felt this happy for about 3 years. I had my apprehensions at first, I think like everyone would have but Mrs B completely put my mind at ease from the very beginning. It’s completely different to what you imagine it to be, would definitely recommend to everyone 🙂 thanks again Mrs B x

Virtual Gastric Band




“Mrs B was truly amazing. Caring and kind, she loves what she does and it shows.”

Past Life Regression


I had a great experience with Past Life Regression and the information that came from it was brilliant even down to my full name, location and cause of death. Thank you Mrs B for helping me to satisfy my curiosity.



It was a wonderful calming, relaxing feeling. Much needed with my full time caring duties. A little time for me and even a personnel recording to take away so that when the moment is right I can do it over again and again.

Smoking Cessation

S. H

Not smoked since that one session. Truly amazing and the money I am saving is wonderful, it really is. Thank you for helping me quit and as you said ” returned to being a non smoker”.


Lynsey X

I would just like to say the biggest thank you in all the world. I know you said it was down to me but would never have achieved it without your help. I haven’t felt this good in years and I owe that to you. It’s given me my life back, my daughter her mum back and also my mum her daughter back. I can never thank you enough for helping me overcome my emetophobia.

Wedding Nerves

Mrs B x. G. H

My wedding day was amazing. I just simply enjoyed every minute of it. The planning was made easier, calmer and not to be feared at all. I’m so glad I took the recommendation because it made such a difference. Everything was very personnel and there was even a gift. Thank you so much



I wasn’t sleeping well due stress of selling our house and moving to a new area. Mrs B made me a relaxation recording to listen to prior to sleeping. Playing the recording, I never reached the end before falling asleep. It made me relax and empty my mind of all the things that were making me worry. I didn’t use it any every night but when I did it brought sleep on with ease. This reduced the stress levels at night and made coping with the situation easier.


Vicki Wallis

I have visited Mrs B on 4 occasions and have found the whole experience very relaxing and helpful.
I did go into this with mxed feelings, I wasn’t sure what to expect and how a hynosis session would make me feel. However, after meeting with Mrs B for the first time I was very much put at ease, she explained the whole process, what we could hope to achieve and with a realistic time frame.
I was very sceptical at first and on my first session, because I wasn’t sure what to expect I didn’t know that I had actually been hypnotised as during the session I could hear everything that Mrs B was saying to me and just felt as though I was very relaxed whilst someone was speaking to me. I walked away from my first session feeling very chilled out and over the next week did continue to feel that way. I have just had a further top up session and feel as though I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. I feel more relaxed and able to cope than I have done in a long time.
If, like, me you suffer from anxiety issues give this lady a try, she is very understanding, lovely to talk to and models the sessions around your particular issues, Dont be worried about being hypnotised, I was expecting to be totally out of it and wake up not knowing what had happened, it’s not like that at all…. Its a very relaxing process whereby you can hear everything that Mrs B is saying to you, it puts you into a very chilled out relaxed state but at the same time you are aware of your surroundings and anything that is going on around you.
Highly recommended …… xx

Competition Golf


Very pleased to be collecting my competition shield.  After just three sessions my mind was focussed and ready for the competition.  Had a brilliant match and won a guy with a much lower handicap than myself. Thank you Mrs B.

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