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Stoptober Time

Turn to Hypnotherapy, Not E-Cigarettes to Help You Stop Smoking. It's Stoptober Time Look on any high street and you’ll probably see a shop that ...

World Suicide Prevention Day

Take the Time to Talk This World Suicide Prevention Day It’s World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September. Organisations and communities come together to raise ...

The Rich & Famous

 Not Just for the Rich and Famous Look at any magazine on any given day, and you’ll see a headline about the latest ‘treatment’ that’s ...

Are you addicted?

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Beat Addiction Have you ever joked about being ‘addicted’ to your morning coffee? Well for people who suffer from real, ...

FAQ answered for you

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis (FAQ) Mrs BClinical Hypnotherapist There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I thought I’d compile ...

National No Tobacco Day

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Give Up Smoking For Good It’s No Tobacco Day and you might be thinking about finally giving up smoking. But ...

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