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SAD – Boost Your Mood and Energy

Feeling SAD? Try Hypnotherapy to Boost Your Mood and Energy The autumn is on its way, and while some people embrace the cosy darker nights ...

Hypnotherapy meets Kinesiology

Kinesiology: A Modern-Day Treatment for a Modern-Day World  In my line of work as a clinical hypnotherapist, I meet so many interesting and inspirational people. ...

Healing Minds, Changing lives – Case Study

Healing Minds, Changing lives: The Power of Hypnotherapy to Change People’s Lives for The Better      Sometimes I get to work with a client and it ...

Christmas Stress/Anxiety

Keep Calm and Use Hypnotherapy for a Stress-Free Christmas Christmas is supposed to be a happy and relaxing time, where we can kick back and ...

Joining forces for World Mental Health Day 2016

  One in four people will suffer from a mental health problem at some point in their lives. That is a shocking statistic. Mental ill ...

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