Sugar Addiction Control

Sugar Addiction Control

The Sweet Taste of Success:

Hypnotherapy Can Help

We all want to enjoy life and have the energy to do the things that we want to do. This means that we need to be in good health and reduce the sugar addiction.  Being healthy means something different to each of us, though a big part of being healthy and staying healthy, is being mindful about what we eat. These days, a lot of what we eat is processed and full of fat, sugar, and salt. Sugar has become public enemy number one when it comes to our health. But if you’re hooked on the sweet stuff and want to feel healthier and happier in 2021 hypnotherapy can help you. Sugar Addiction Control isn’t new but may be to you.

The effects of sugar on health

The average modern diet contains around 25-35% sugar and research has found that it’s responsible for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. It can affect our mood as well; how many of us have consumed a lot of sugar and experienced a rush of energy followed by a crash? This then leaves us tired and irritable, and reaching for more sweet treats to perk us up.

The problem of hidden sugar

Sugar is almost impossible to avoid and you will find it in nearly every processed foodstuff. We all know that there’s sugar in cakes, chocolate, and biscuits, but what about the sugar in pasta sauces, ketchup, and soups? The only  way that you can avoid taking in too much sugar is to make your meals from scratch with fresh ingredients. Low fat foods which are marketed as being healthy often just contain sugar instead of fat, so being on a low-fat diet does not guarantee that you will lose weight or be healthy. There are more people following low-fat diets yet there are more obese people than ever. This says it all.

Sugar Addiction

The addiction

Having a sugar addiction is an increasing problem. But why do we get addicted to the sweet stuff?  Scientists say that our taste buds are not equipped to deal with the level of sweetness of the foods in the modern diet. The taste buds are sent into overdrive by the sweet foods, and signals are sent to our brain’s reward centre telling us ‘this is delicious, eat more!’. So, we eat sweet treats, get a high from the sugar, but our energy dips then we eat more sugar to lift us again. Here begins the cycle of addiction. A French study done on rats found that rats became more addicted to sugar than cocaine!

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can work on addictive behaviours by delving deep into the subconscious. It helps you to deal with unresolved feelings which might be leading to the addictive and self-sabotaging behaviours. These thoughts and behaviours are replaced with positive affirmations and hypnotic suggestion. The amazing thing about hypnotherapy is its ability to affect the physical body. In the case of sugar addiction, treatment can break the cycle of addiction and increase the motivation and desire to eat more healthily.

What can I expect in sessions?

We can work on getting rid of your sugar addiction in just 3 one hour treatment sessions. You will receive a personalised recording to reinforce what we have done in sessions to help you carry on with your progress.

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