Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy for a Healthier Body and Mind

Quitting smoking is not easy because it’s a physical and psychological addiction. But if you have tried other ways to give up and they haven’t worked, you can stop smoking with hypnotherapy for a healthier body and mind.

The smoking myth

Many smokers will say that smoking helps them to feel less stressed and anxious, but does it really? The truth is that smoking can increase stress and anxiety. It has effects on the body like raising the heart rate and blood pressure, and these things happen when we are stressed. Smokers are more likely than non-smokers to get depression or anxiety and it’s a myth that smoking boosts your mood. You may think it does because you feel better after having a cigarette, but all you have done is taken your body out of nicotine withdrawal.

Smoking and mental health

Most people have an idea of how quitting smoking can benefit physical health, but what about the health of your mind?

Studies have found that people have lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety after they give up smoking. Their mood, concentration, and quality of life also improves.

People who have existing psychological issues such as depression or schizophrenia experience a reduction in their symptoms when they stop smoking. It can help some people to reduce the amount of medication they have to take to control their symptoms, or it can even help them to stop taking medication altogether.

This is big news, as it is people with these conditions who are more likely to start smoking in the first place. The NHS estimates that 30% of people who smoke have some kind of psychological issue.

Stop smoking tips

  • Speak to your doctor about getting help from your local stop smoking services which will really boost your chances of quitting. You will be able to get access to other things such as nicotine gum and patches which can help too.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet and stay active so that you don’t gain weight when you stop smoking.
  • Find a healthy way to deal with cravings. If you feel one coming on, go for a walk or phone a friend. Look out for situations that might trigger your cravings.

How hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking

Whether it’s your first attempt at quitting or you have tried many times and given up, hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking in just ONE session.

Many of our habits and behaviours happen at a subconscious level, so if we want to make changes, we need to tap into the subconscious and reprogramme it. Hypnotherapy removes the destructive thoughts and habits and replaces them with healthy and positive affirmations and actions. One session is all it takes!

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