How Hypnotherapy Can Banish Wedding Nerves, Anxiety & Stress


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Your wedding can be one of the best days of your life, but it’s also one of the most stressful. After months or even years of hectic wedding planning, and worrying about everything from being the centre of attention to whether things will go to plan on the day, it’s little wonder that many brides see their wedding as something to be dreaded rather than enjoyed.

But it’s not just brides that can suffer from pre-wedding jitters. The Groom, Best Man, or Father of the Bride might be terrified at the thought of giving a speech. But the good news is that hypnotherapy can help with wedding nerves and fears about public speaking.

How can hypnotherapy help with wedding nerves?

My personal tailored therapy uses proven techniques to make you feel more relaxed, confident and in control so that you look forward to your wedding day instead of dreading it.

Things you can do to combat wedding nerves

Hypnotherapy sessions can really help to reduce wedding nerves, but there are things you can do too:

Think positive and don’t take things personally

Your wedding day is personal to you, and what you choose might not be to other peoples’ taste, but that’s okay. Remember it’s your day and everyone wants to have a good time regardless. Even though it can be tough, try to focus on solutions not problems and you’ll feel in control and far less stressed.

Savour the moments

If you feel worried about being the centre of attention, just focus on the fact that every single person at your wedding is someone who cares about you and wants you to be happy. So chat to one or two people at a time, and really pay attention to what they’re saying instead of feeling like you need to be constantly buzzing around making sure everyone is having a good time.

Let people know how you feel

On the run up to the wedding, let people know that you’re anxious and nervous, and they’ll more than likely offer you some practical or emotional help and support.

Take time out

Make sure you have a life apart from wedding planning. Take regular exercise, see your friends, or go on fun dates with your husband or wife to be and you’ll have less stress and more energy when you return to your wedding planning.

Don’t obsess about the details

The pressure for a wedding day to be perfect is what weighs heavily on many brides and grooms. Just know that even if the odd thing does go wrong, you’re still marrying the woman or man of your dreams, and after all, that is what the day is really about.

A word on public speaking

Just the thought of having to give a wedding speech can be nerve-wracking, but there are things you can do to make the occasion a little less terrifying.

First of all, remember that people just want to have fun at a wedding and they’ll listen to you, and even give you the benefit of the doubt if you slip up. Then follow these tips to banish your nerves:

Know what to expect: Know when you’ll be making your speech, who will be speaking before and after you, and know what your speech has to cover. This will get rid of some of the fear of the unknown.

Know that no one expects you to be perfect: As long as you speak from the heart and do your best, that’s all people will be expect of you. Don’t dwell on who might give a far better speech than you, or be funnier than you, just be yourself.

Be authentic: Speaking of being yourself, it’s important to stay true to yourself during your speech. Don’t deliver something long-winded or attempt risky jokes if you don’t feel comfortable. Stick to what you know and it will be received far better.

Be prepared: You’ll feel more nervous if you leave it until the last minute to write your speech, so put something down on paper as soon as possible, then you can revise it as many times as you like until you’re happy.

Practice makes perfect: Having a run through your speech in front of a few selected members of friends and family can help you get used to speaking in front of people if you’ve never really done it before.

How are your wedding nerves?

If you’re feeling nervous about your big day, why not try hypnotherapy to banish those wedding nerves? I offer a FREE consultation to discuss how I can help you have a stress-free wedding, and you’ll also get a free gift! Contact me to find out more.

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