Smoking: Are You Ready to #QuitForCovid?

Has COVID-19 made you think about quitting smoking? If so, you’re no alone. We’re all being extra vigilant about our health right now, and the evidence from surveys shows that many smokers are considering ditching the habit because of the pandemic. In this blog, I want to talk about why you should quit for COVID and how hypnotherapy can help.

Smoking and COVID-19: The risks

We all know that COVID-19 attacks the lungs, and smokers already have a higher risk of getting lung infections like pneumonia. There is also evidence that because the lungs, heart, and immune system tend to be weaker in smokers, there is a greater chance of them getting a much more severe illness which requires hospital treatment if they catch COVID-19.

Why #QuitForCovid?

Protect the NHS

Quit for Covid

If you’ve watched the government press conferences since all of this began, they’ve been telling us to protect the NHS. Quitting smoking will ease the strain on the NHS, because you’ll be less likely to be admitted to hospital for treatment for COVID-19 or another smoking-related illness.

NHS figures show that people who smoke account for 489,000 hospital admissions in England alone each year, so quitting will really help ease pressure on the NHS. Remember too, that people who are affected by second hand smoke might also need hospital treatment, if they have asthma, for example.

You’ll feel the benefits straight away

As soon as you quit smoking, your respiratory system becomes healthier, which reduces your chance of getting illnesses like COVID-19 and makes you feel so much better overall.

  • After only 8 hours, carbon monoxide levels in the blood drop by more than half and oxygen levels return to normal.
  • 48 hours later, carbon monoxide will have been completely eliminated from the body. The lungs will start to clear out any mucus and other debris.
  • After 72 hours, you’ll notice you can breathe more easily as the bronchial tubes in your lungs relax.
  • By the time you are 3 months smoke-free, your lung function and circulation will have improved so you’ll notice that it’s easier to do activities that left you short of breath before.
  • 9 months after you quit, any coughs, wheezing, or breathing problems should have improved because your lung function will be better.

You’ll save money

Most of us are feeling the pinch because of COVID-19, so the money you could save if you quit smoking would definitely come in handy. If you think about the fact that you’ll pay anywhere from £8-13 for a packet of 20 cigarettes, even smoking 10 per day could cost you well over £1000 per year.

But I need to smoke when I’m stressed

Is this what you tell yourself? Of course, we’re living through a pandemic which is incredibly stressful, but smoking doesn’t actually help to relieve stress, it actually increases the heart rate and blood pressure. Smoking is a coping mechanism that you use, but it does not do anything to help you deal with the source of the stress.

Instead of using unhealthy coping mechanisms like smoking more to help you through this stressful time, why not try smoking cessation aids like nicotine replacement products alongside hypnotherapy to stop smoking?

Do you want to quit for COVID?

Has COVID-19 made you decide to quit smoking for good? Maybe you’ve tried and failed to quit many times in the past. You don’t have to go it alone.

My stop smoking hypnotherapy programme can help you quit smoking for good in just ONE session. Smoking is a habit and it’s formed at the subconscious level. The good news about this is that hypnotherapy can delve into the subconscious and replace unhelpful habits and behaviours with healthier ones until your desire to smoke is no more.

If you’re ready to #QuitForCovid, get in touch today to arrange your consultation.

You deserve to be happy, healthy, and smoke-free!

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