Feeling SAD? Try Hypnotherapy to Boost Your Mood and Energy
While some people embrace the cosy darker nights and the change in weather, for some people, it brings an inevitable gloom.
Some people experience a noticeable change in their mood and energy levels as the seasons change, and it can be very disruptive to daily life. If the low mood and low energy persists, it is referred to as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.
SAD, is a form of depression that often appears in the autumn and winter. The symptoms begin when the days start to get shorter, and they are often at their worst from December to February.
Spring and Summer brings a huge improvement and the symptoms of depression tend to disappear, only to reappear again when the autumn comes.
If you feel low at this time of year, why not try hypnotherapy to boost your mood and energy?
What are the symptoms of SAD?
How do you know if you have SAD? It’s more than just ‘feeling down’. You may have SAD if you experience:
• A low mood that just won’t go away
• A loss of interest or pleasure in things you normally enjoy
• Irritability
• Feelings of guilt
• Feelings of worthlessness
• Fatigue and sleepiness during the day
• Sleeping excessively and finding it difficult to get out of bed
What causes SAD?
SAD is thought to be linked to a lack of sunlight during the autumn and winter days. Experts believe that a lack of sunlight stops a part of the brain called the hypothalamus doing its job. This part of the brain controls the hormone melatonin and the brain chemical serotonin, as well as your body clock.
Melatonin makes you feel sleepy, and people with SAD tend to have higher levels, so they feel more tired. Serotonin affects the mood, and a lack of sunlight leads to lower levels of this chemical, which causes symptoms of depression. A lack of sunlight also disrupts your body clock as your body uses sunlight as a cue to wake up.
What treatments are available for SAD?
Lifestyle changes are commonly suggested if you suffer from SAD. This includes getting more exposure to natural sunlight, taking regular exercise, and doing things to cope with stress.
Sometimes light therapy is used, where a light box simulates exposure to natural sunlight where it’s not possible to be out in the sun.
Counselling and antidepressants might also be offered.
Hypnotherapy for SAD
Research has shown that hypnotherapy can be a very effective treatment for depression, particularly in people who don’t just want to take more medication. Hypnotherapy delves into the subconscious mind, and techniques like visualisation, hypnotic suggestion, and affirmations are used to replace negative thoughts and beliefs with positive ones. From there, hypnotherapy can then restore the proper functioning of the body, from correcting poor sleeping patterns to low energy, and low motivation.
If you’re suffering from SAD and you want to try a treatment that will make a real difference to how you feel, why not try hypnotherapy?
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