Who needs Blue Monday?

Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday, it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, did you know?  Christmas is a distant memory and the bad weather plus those dreaded credit card statements together with those failed resolutions makes you feel at your lowest.  Anyone who is suffering depression and anxiety could think every day is a “blue” day couldn’t they?  In fact any day is the right day if you decide to take necessary action and to find help. Did you also know that January is supposed to be the hardest month about deciding to change your life?  There is a choice from 365 days to make any change actually.

You can choose and decide if today will be depressing and grim or if it will be a nice day, you are in control of your thoughts, you decide.  Will you stay home and build yourself a den under your duvet or will you choose to enjoy yourself instead?

Get outside in the natural sunlight for at least 15 minutes; it will help those mood-boosting hormones.

Smile and you will release those feel good chemicals in your brain. Smiling is contagious and you may just make someone else feel better.

Offer someone a compliment or make a contribution to charity.

Appreciate what you have and it will make you feel more optimistic and energetic.  Make a list of the things or people you’re grateful of.

Walk, jog, cycle or swim to boost those endorphins.

Speak to yourself with respect as you would a friend and remember to build in some ‘me time’.



You have a right to be happy!

Mrs B x