Blokes United for Mental Health

You might remember that a little while ago, I blogged about a fantastic group in my local area which supports men with mental health problems using sport and group chat sessions.

Blokes United was founded by Father Phil Lamb and Jamie Barnwell, and its mission was to raise awareness about men’s mental health, which is often overlooked, and to work to fight the stigma that often comes with it.

As I have worked with clients with mental health issues in hypnotherapy sessions, I have developed an understanding of how isolating and damaging mental illness can be. This is why I am delighted to introduce a guest blog from Father Lamb, who has since moved onto pastures new. In it, he tells us what Blokes United is all about and about the events he has taken part in recently.

Who Blokes United is all about

Blokes United is a mental health support group, which aims to provide help and support to men in Hull and the surrounding areas who might be suffering from mental ill health.

Talking about mental illness is not an easy thing to do at all, but we hope that with the group’s support, friendship, and guidance, that men will feel that they are able to open up about their problems.

The group combines a friendly game of football with an informal cuppa and a chat, but you don’t have to be into football to come along. And you don’t even need to chat. There’s no pressure at all, just a friendly, supportive environment. And what’s even better, it’s all free of charge!

Why we do what we do

The ‘boys don’t cry’ mantra makes men and boys think that expressing emotions is a weakness, and this has led to a situation where suicide is a leading cause of death for men under 45 years old.

Rather than talking about how they feel, men might self-medicate with alcohol. Opening up and discussing their feelings can seem impossible to do.

What can be done?

Blokes United wants to show men that they are not alone. There are people who are willing to listen, and who do care. There is help out there. Groups like Blokes United work to keep putting that message out there, which makes it so much easier to break down the stigma of mental health. Once that happens, people will find it far easier to open up.

It’s not weak to speak

If people feel that they are able to speak about their illness, it takes us ever closer to tackling the stigma around mental health. So spread the word;

If you’re a guy who is struggling, please remember, it’s not ‘weak to speak’. You are not alone. That is the message behind Blokes United.

And ladies, if your partner, dad, brother, or friend is struggling and you don’t know how you can help, point them in the direction of Blokes United.

Together, we can end the stigma.

Find us on Facebook at

Or have a look at our website;

Father Phil has done some fantastic work in raising awareness of men’s mental health in his time at Blokes United and I wish him well in his future endeavours.

Hypnotherapy is also an excellent tool that can benefit mental health.

Contact me to find out what hypnotherapy can do for you. Complete the contact form, call me on 07955356731, or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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