The Menopause Challenge

Hot Flushes

This begins very suddenly, usually starting in one place, spreading to other parts of the body, increasing in temperature e.g. from the stomach up to the top of the head.  (I used to call it a Mexican wave) For some this can be unbearable, like a volcano about to erupt. Some last from about 30 sec to a few minutes or more in some cases.


Weight Gain

The average weight gain is about 5lbs, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.  I hear people say that it’s much more than that.

Night Sweats

These behave just the same as the Hot Flushes in the day time.  However, some women find that they are more frequent, more intense in heat and seem to last longer. Again, this will vary from woman to woman. Because sleep is disrupted, not just once but several times in the night, it has that knock on effect the following day. We have all experienced the odd night of poor sleep and felt a bit rough the next day.

Mood Swings

One of the hard things with mood swings is that you know you are doing it, but can’t stop it. I suppose it’s a bit like being a hormonal teenager again, but with experience.


This is quite often as a result of Hot Flushes. It generally comes from the “What if I have a hot flush while I’m out, at work etc.” “What if I’m in a crowded shop and I can’t get out to the fresh air” kind of thinking, which can then lead into panic.

Panic Attacks

These can often follow on from a build-up of anxiety, quite often around being away from home. I have known women to stop going out to the local town centre because they may have a panic attack.

Low or no Libido

Now, some of you may smile and say, “been like that for years, since I had the children”. But for some women their sex drive, drives off somewhere else. One of the causes of this could be low levels of testosterone, the hormone connected to sex drive. Another cause could be painful intercourse, through dryness.

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