Andropause: The Male Menopause

We are used to hearing about how hormonal changes can affect women as they get older, but did you know that men can also be affected? Andropause is called the ‘male menopause’, and it is caused by a decline in testosterone levels as men get older. Most men’s testosterone levels peak in their 20’s, then when they reach their 30’s and 40’s, levels drop off by about 1% per year. These hormonal changes can result in physical and emotional problems.


What are the symptoms of andropause?

A decline in the levels of testosterone can cause physical, psychological, and sexual problems including:

An increase in abdominal fat

Testosterone usually helps to slow down the accumulation of body fat in the abdomen, so falling levels can lead to an increase in fat.


Testosterone helps to boost your energy, so a decline in hormone levels might cause you to feel fatigued and you might find it hard to carry on with your normal activities.


Testosterone is a mood regulator. Falling testosterone levels might make you feel depressed, anxious, or irritable. You might lose motivation and the ability to concentrate.


Testosterone regulates sleeping patterns, so if your testosterone levels fall, you might experience insomnia or have difficulty staying asleep. This has the knock-on effect of making you feel more tired during the day.

Reduced bone density

Testosterone plays a role in maintaining bone density. Reduced testosterone can lead to weakened bones and the development of osteoporosis.

Reduced libido

Testosterone is responsible for your sex drive and function.  Low testosterone levels can reduce libido, cause erectile dysfunction, and lower sperm count.


How is andropause treated?         

If symptoms are interfering with your normal life, there’s a few solutions that your doctor might suggest, including antidepressants, hormone therapy, or counselling. Lifestyle plays a big part in reducing and controlling symptoms, so you might be advised to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and to try and reduce stress in your life. A lot of men find it hard to discuss problems of such a personal nature with their doctor however. So, what other options do you have? Have you thought about trying hypnotherapy?


How can hypnotherapy help?


It uses a holistic approach

Andropause doesn’t just occur in your reproductive system, it affects your whole body. So you might need to make changes to your lifestyle as this will have an impact on how you feel.

Eating well will help balance hormones and energy levels. Be sure to include plenty of wholegrains, healthy fats, protein, and fruit and vegetables in your diet. Avoid anything which burdens the body with toxins, such as cigarettes, alcohol, and junk food.

Taking regular exercise can improve your mood, reduce body fat, and reduce stress. Hypnotherapy can help to increase your motivation to exercise and eat healthily.

Reducing stress in your life can improve hormonal balance and mood. If you feel relaxed and happy, you are far less likely to be bothered by troublesome symptoms.


It builds positivity and makes you feel in control again

The effects of andropause can make you feel depressed and anxious, and you might feel that you have lost control over your life. Hypnotherapy can give you back a sense of control, and increase positivity and confidence. Hypnotherapy takes the view that what your mind believes has an effect on the body. Every thought or emotion triggers a response in the body, so using hypnotherapy techniques to reduce stress and increase positivity is invaluable.


It reduces stress

Hypnotherapy techniques bring about a state of deep relaxation which will help reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability.

Why not try hypnotherapy if you’re experiencing symptoms of andropause? Contact me to arrange a free consultation and to find out what hypnotherapy can do for you.


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