Keyworker Trauma: How Hypnotherapy Can Help Those on the Frontline

Every Thursday at 8pm, people clap for the keyworkers that are keeping the country going through the coronavirus outbreak. This is a lovely sentiment and a great show of support, but it doesn’t change the fact that people working in the emergency services, care homes, pharmacies, supermarkets, and all other essential services are under a huge amount of stress right now.

If you’re a keyworker, you’re probably working harder, working longer hours, and worrying about coming into contact with people who have the virus and taking it home to your family.

If you work for the NHS, there’s another layer. You’re on the frontline treating the sick and seeing the heartbreak of families that can’t say goodbye to their loved ones. Just because you might see trauma of some kind almost every day, it doesn’t mean that you ever get used to it, and certainly not when it’s on this sort of scale.

Let’s talk about trauma

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So let’s talk about trauma. The coronavirus has had a traumatic effect on us all. People have lost loved ones to it. They might have seen their businesses or jobs disappear almost overnight. Their way of life may have changed forever.

But for those on the frontline, who have seen the horrors first-hand, the potential for suffering a mental health disorder down the line is very real.

Do you remember the SARS outbreak in 2003? A study found that 10 healthcare workers in a Chinese hospital reported symptoms of PTSD three years after the event. Everyone reacts to trauma differently, but this just goes to show that when something traumatic happens, it can affect you long afterwards.

How the body responds to stress and danger

When we are in extremely stressful situations, our bodies release stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. This prepares us to ‘fight or flight.’ But even when the stressful situation is over, the body can continue to send out stress signals and this can cause things like:

Key Worker


Panic attacks

Feeling overwhelmed or numb

Feeling anxious or on edge

Sleep problems

Alcohol misuse

Grief  (new programme coming soon)

Hypnotherapy and trauma: How it can help

After experiencing something stressful and traumatic, the body and mind are stuck in a stress response. If this is not dealt with, it can lead to problems with mental and physical health, and not only that, it keeps you stuck and unable to move on with your life.

Hypnotherapy can help with trauma because it gets into the subconscious and helps clear the fearful, anxious, and sad feelings that are keeping you stuck. It can also help you feel in control of your life again, as you begin to see that you aren’t resigned to feeling those things forever.


Are you a keyworker who is:

Struggling with anxiety, stress, and feeling overwhelmed?

Unable to switch off and struggling to sleep?

Struggling to cope after a traumatic situation?

I can help!

Join me for a free virtual keyworker clinic where you can find out how hypnotherapy can help you feel so much better mentally and physically.

The details:

Days and times:

My free keyworker clinics are available on*:

Mondays at 10am

Tuesdays at 2pm

Sundays at 6pm

* Other times can be scheduled by arrangement.

How to access the clinic

I’m running the clinics on Zoom. All you need to do is click on this link:

Enter the meeting ID: 329 533 6166

You’ll be taken to a waiting room and I’ll meet you face to face for a chat, in the order that you logon. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!



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