IBS meets Hypnosis

Do you suffer with IBS?

Are you looking for a way forward at helping yourself cope with IBS?    We know that IBS is very unpredictable and that different people have different symptoms.  There are treatments to help manage the condition but not all treatments work for all people.  Often things like poor quality of sleep, diet or sometimes stress can often trigger someone’s symptoms.  Abdominal pain, usually in the lower abdomen occurs and following a bowel movement often decreases.  It is common for IBS to cause constipation as well as diarrhoea or can even alternate.  A lot of people with IBS complain of bloating which is uncomfortable.

A very large percentage of people who suffer report fatigue and feel less refreshed compared with those who do not suffer this condition.  Many causes are suggested for sufferers of IBS but none have been proven.  It is thought that if food moves through your digestive system too quick then this may cause diarrhoea due to the digestive system not having enough time to absorb water from your food.  If food is slow moving through your system and too much water is absorbed, it can make stools difficult to pass.

Certain foods and drinks could be triggers like chocolate, alcohol, fatty foods, fizzy drinks or fried foods.  Stress is also a common trigger for IBS and finding ways to manage your stressful situations is important when treating your condition.  It is usual for some people to have experienced a traumatic event such as neglect, abuse, bereavement, or a serious childhood illness.  This in turn can often allow someone to become more sensitive to the pain and discomfort.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

My IBS programme aims to bring an awareness of food triggers.  It suggests general relaxation together with addressing miscommunications between your brain and your gut.  It’s a ways of providing you with a coping strategy.  It is a three week programme that should bring about a change in symptoms.  I also provide you with an MP3 recording for you to use during and after the course.

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