Grief Therapy

Grief Therapy

Are you struggling with feelings of Grief ?

It can develop when grief goes untreated or unrecognized. If deep feelings of loss are pushed down out of conscious awareness, they are then somaticized, expressed in the body. The anxiety can convert into physical symptoms too.

Deep feelings of loss and grief don’t go away they can live as energy in our bodies. The  energy can look for somewhere to go in the body. If grieving goes on for years, maybe from our childhoods, it is possible for multiple physical symptoms to persist for years.

How can Grief Therapy Help?

Hypnotherapy can help heal the body as well as the mind. Sometimes, but not always, regression back to the original event is necessary, especially if a number of years have passed.

Grief is not just about the loss of a loved one or pet. We can grieve for many different things, the loss of a job, moving to a new house, a change in health etc. In essence grief is mourning someone or something which we no longer have in our lives or access to.

There are five steps to grief, these are:

Denial: “This virus is no worse than the flu and it only kills older people.”

Anger: “I’m fed up with people not following the social distancing rules when I can’t get out and see the people I love.”

Bargaining: “If I do my best to stay in for three weeks, it will all be over and everything will be okay, won’t it?”

Depression/Sadness: “I’m missing the people I love and I feel so isolated. When will this ever end?”

Acceptance: “This is the situation and I just have to work out how to move forward.”

Sound familiar?

My new short grief programme allows you to come to terms with bereavement and can help you heal, move forward, allow you to say goodbye, find peace and acceptance. Contact me and let the healing begin.

Mrs B
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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