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Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias

Be Free From Fear: How Hypnotherapy May Help With Your Phobias

Phobias are irrational fears. Your logical mind knows that it’s very unlikely that whatever you’re afraid of will cause you harm, but that doesn’t stop you having a very strong unwanted physical and psychological response to it.

But if you have a phobia, you’re not alone, they’re more common than you think. Estimates suggest that more than 11% of the population has a phobia of some sort.

But the good news is, many phobias originate in our subconscious and they are learned responses to a stimulus, so hypnotherapy can help! Hypnotherapy can retrain the subconscious to unlearn the response you have to whatever you’re afraid of and reduce the anxiety you have around it.

Are fears the same as phobias?

Fear is a natural instinct that protects us from anything dangerous. For example, when we were cave men (and women), if we saw a saber tooth tiger, we’d feel afraid, our survival instinct would kick in, and it would tell us to stay and fight it, or get away from it as fast as we could. This is a perfectly natural response. Phobias are an unhealthy response, and are rooted in fear that has been blown way out of proportion. Phobias can have a very negative impact on someone’s life and can cause a lot of distress.

What are the most common phobias that people seek help for?

As a hypnotherapist, the most common phobias I see are:

Fear of Flying

Fear of flying

Fear of enclosed spaces

Fear of vomiting in public

Fear of insects

Fear of heights

Fear of needles

Fear of dentists

Fear of public speaking

What causes phobias?

Phobias tend not to have a single cause, but phobias can be generally attributed to:

  • A scary event that happened when you were a child, like being chased by a dog, which left an imprint on your subconscious telling you that dogs are dangerous.
  • A learned response you picked up from someone else. Do you remember your mother being terrified of spiders and running away or screaming when she saw one? This may have taught you that spiders might harm you and that they’re something to be scared of.
  • A genetic predisposition towards anxiety
  • Existing mental health issues like depression, stress, and anxiety can all make developing a phobia more likely.

How hypnotherapy can help treat phobias

If your phobia is getting in the way of you having a happy, full life, hypnotherapy can help. Many people I see are fed up of not being able to do something they want to do, or they know they’re going to have to face their phobia in an upcoming situation, for example, having to make a speech at a wedding, so they look to hypnotherapy for help.

As I mentioned earlier, phobias usually stem from the subconscious mind, and hypnotherapy can get into the subconscious and change the feelings, beliefs, and behaviours surrounding your phobia. During your session, you’ll be put into a very relaxed state and we will work to get to root cause of your phobia. You’ll be able to face what you’re afraid of, and feel calmer and in control. Some people notice immediate results while others might take a few sessions to feel like they can cope a lot better. I always provide recordings you can use between sessions and in the longer term to maintain your progress.

You deserve to be happy and free from fear

You don’t have to suffer alone and live a life that’s limited by fear. Whatever you’re afraid of, hypnotherapy may help you regain control and live the life you deserve.

Contact me for a FREE 30minute  consultationand to find out more!  No pressure or hard sel lto be afraid of.

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