Can’t Stop Touching Your Face? Here’s How to Break the Habit

How many times do you think you touch your face in a day? For most of us, it’s such an unconscious habit that we don’t even notice we’re doing it. We scratch an itch on our nose or rub our eyes, and we think nothing of it. Until now, that is.

With the arrival of the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve been told to wash our hands and avoid touching our face, but why is face touching such a problem and how can you stop touching it?Face Touching

Why is touching your face a problem?

Viruses can easily enter the body through the eyes and the mouth, and even if you are washing your hands regularly, studies show that the average person touches their face as much as 16 times per hour, so the chances of contaminating your hands again are high.

All it takes is for you to touch a surface that an infected person has coughed on or touched, then you touch your face, the virus enters your body, and you’re infected.

How can you stop touching your face so much?

The good news is that like any other habit, you can break it! As well as keeping up the thorough hand washing, try:

Being mindful

See if you can start to be more aware of what you’re doing with your hands. If you are aware that you are tempted to touch your face, you can make a conscious decision not to do so and do something else.

Leave reminders around the house

If you know you tend to touch your face when you’re on the phone, when you’re watching TV, or if you’re at your desk, leave post-it notes around the house to remind you not to touch your face.

Keep your hands busy

If you’re busy doing something, you probably won’t be so tempted to touch your face, so if you’re watching TV or doing something else passive, try doing something at the same time to keep your hands occupied, like folding laundry or sorting through paperwork.

Keep your hands smelling fresh

If you use a scented hand gel or lotion, you’ll be less tempted to touch your face. Once your hands go near your face, the scent will be a useful reminder to steer clear.

If all else fails, wear gloves

If your face touching habit is proving too hard to break, you can try wearing disposable gloves as a reminder to avoid doing it. You might be in the habit of wearing gloves when you’re out and about, but try wearing them at home too, especially if you find yourself touching your face 100 times during Corrie!

Hypnotherapy can help you to stop touching your face

Touching your face is an unconscious habit and like many other habits, it starts at the level of the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can reprogramme the subconscious and help you break your face touching habit.  My next Newsletter will have a FREE mp3 download to use to help break the habit.  Subscribe in time to receive it at

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