Day in the life of a Wedding Photographer

May I introduce you to Tina from Tina Wing Photography and thank her for writing  a guest blog, to enlighten us of how a day can run for a Wedding Photographer?  Many things often get said about pricing for such an occasion but,  as you will read it quite often is a very long day.  Then of course there is more work afterwards, to produce those memories for viewing many years after the big day.

Working with brides to be myself and wedding parties, I often hear how nervous they can be about being centre of attention.  It is a special day to be remembered and not feared!  Mrs B x


The Typical Day of a Wedding Photographer

Tina Wing

The typical day will start the night before with charging batteries for the cameras and lights as well as making sure I get a good night sleep.

Then it’s up bright and breezy for a nice shower and hair wash so I look my best for the wedding, followed by a good breakfast. It’s really important on a wedding day to make sure you have enough to eat and drink so that you have enough stamina to get through the day.

Then the rigorous kit list check starts along with cleaning all the equipment and syncing the cameras. I will also be checking the weather and make sure I have a rain jacket for myself as well as the cameras. The bride isn’t forgotten either, and I take spare wedding parasols just in case. Then it’s time to pack everything up including all the contact details for the wedding couple, venue, reception, with the timings and all the names of the wedding entourage. I will have chatted to the couple beforehand to discuss any special shots they want e.g. Great Auntie Flo coming especially from Canada. Depending on the time of the wedding, I’ll eat lunch or have several non-messy snack bars in my bag.


Every wedding is unique and some couples like me to start at their home or the venue for wedding preparations, or they want me to start at the place of marriage. This is where the excitement starts to build and then the time just seems to disappear. The groom nervously arrives with all his friends and starts greeting the guests. I like to give coverage of everything that is happening and can regularly be seen running around catching the whole atmosphere. I also work with a second shooter if the wedding couple have booked one and I will be co-ordinating with them on the coverage required. Also during this time I will be capturing detail photos of things like shoes, jewellery, button holes, wedding venue and cake.

As if by magic everyone is ready in time and the bride is stunning as she sweeps down the aisle, and very often the groom is crying at the other end. In a whirlwind the marriage has taken place and all the nerves disappear while I run back and forth capturing all the happy action.

We then have a few minutes respite before we start organising the group photos making sure that the less able on their feet go first. The Best Man is called into action to help me organise everyone. There is a lot of clock watching now to make sure all the photos are finished in time before the food is served. The couple have paid a lot of money for the food and it has to be served at its prime as Chef intended it. I whisk the wedding couple away for half an hour to create their wedding signature images whilst also giving them a little time to take a breath. Then it’s time for the receiving line and the wedding breakfast. I leave the guests while they are eating, but pop back between courses to photograph everyone enjoying themselves.  I also grab a bite to eat myself.

Before we know it the evening guests arrive and it’s time to cut the cake, throw the bouquet, have the first dance, and party. Before leaving I always check that the wedding couple have all the photos they wanted. Then it’s time to drive home and start loading the photos onto the computer and making backup copies. This can take another couple of hours while I have a well earned drink. A typical wedding day can be around 10 hours plus travel time, but I love every minute of it and creating beautiful memories for the wedding couple to treasure.


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