Case Studies

Case Study

Anxious Driver

Having been given permission from this client to tell her story I will begin with some background.

Client background

In my first initial consultation with Rachel I asked her what it was she wanted to achieve.  She replied that she wanted to enjoy life more and achieve new goals and ambitions.  She wanted to visit more places independently without worrying.  Her fear of driving places other than her normal route to work and back was ruining everything for her.  

Rachel dreamed of new employment which would mean her driving out of her area and a much further route.  Her fear of driving had built up over a period of time and had even stopped her from meeting friends and being more adventurous in visiting places she would love to go.  She wasn’t on any medication.  She described herself as an introvert although others thought of her as an extrovert.

Progress in hypnotherapy sessions     

We agreed her therapy programme would be 3 sessions with a review at the end. Session one was a live one-to-one session online and an anchor was applied inside of the hypnosis session which could be used in conscious moments.  She was also given a personalised mp3 to use daily.   After just one week, Rachel was elated.  Her driving behaviour had already begun to change.  She had even reversed out of her drive onto Where she lived, something she hadn’t done before.  She hadn’t done the once but three times. Rachel hadn’t worried about it or beat herself up about doing it.  It felt natural to her.  She told me she was going to apply for not one but two jobs which would mean travelling.  One would be out of the county even.

After session two she had driven over a bridge into another county to collect a bargain from a famous store that was the only store that had that item.  She felt very proud of herself.  Rachel continued with her daily sessions using her personalised mp3 and upon our next meet up had received interviews for both jobs!

A Happy Outcome

Within just 28 days Rachel’s driving confidence had increased so much.  She got her dream job out of the area and there was no stop in her.


“I’m so pleased I contacted Mrs B to help with my fear of driving.

I’ve struggled with this for years- it has stopped me from doing so much in my life. In only 3 weeks  Mrs B had helped me gain the freedom to enjoy my life and apply for jobs I never would have before, due to the location of them.

It has also impacted positively on so much more than I expected -my general self-confidence and self-esteem have improved.

The sessions were done online so you feel totally relaxed and at ease in your own environment. I will never forget the help and support Mrs B has given me- the results have been far better than I expected- life-changing for me.”

If you need help with anxious thoughts or feelings contact for an initial FREE consultation.

Healing Minds, Changing lives: The Power of Hypnotherapy to Change People’s Lives for The Better      

Sometimes I get to work with a client and it really reminds me of why I love my job, and why I have an unfailing belief in the power of hypnotherapy to change people’s lives for the better. I find it so rewarding to celebrate my client’s successes. That is why I wanted to share the story of one of my clients. To protect confidentiality, I’m not going to identify my client, but I felt that the story of the amazing change in her was worth sharing. 

Client background

When I first met my client, I asked what she wanted to achieve with therapy, as I always do.  Her answer was that she wanted to gain back some control over her life. She was suffering from depression and anxiety, and was very low when she came to me. She was afraid of going out and hated being among a lot of people in crowded places. Her illness was ruining her life. She reported that would cry for no reason, that she had a fear of losing people who were close to her and that she just didn’t feel good enough. The only solution that had been offered to her was medication, which she hated.      

Progress in hypnotherapy sessions      

She rated her mood as 2.5 on a scale of 1-10 in her first session. She told me it had been even lower than that at one point. But after some targeted hypnotherapy techniques, these were her amazing results:

  • After session 1- she reported that her mood had improved, and rated herself 5.5 out of 10.
  • After session 2- she told me she felt happier, and had been able to return to work. I made her a personalised recording of our session work to reinforce her progress in between sessions. 
  • After session 3- she reported that her mood had improved dramatically and that she rated it as being 8 out of 10. She told me that life was good, that she had been able to go back to having fun with others and had even been among crowds but hadn’t even realised! At this point I gave her another recording to maximise the amazing results. 

A happy outcome      

The client commented that she felt her mood had lifted after doing her sessions at home to reinforce what we had worked on. She told me that she felt more confident, happier, and more assertive. She even told me that she was going to challenge her GP about her medication being doubled when she would have just gone along with it before.

Her work colleagues commented on the positive changes that they noticed in her and asked her what had made the difference. She held her head high and told them, without going into specifics, that hypnotherapy had worked for her. 

A change of life in just 28 days

When she first attended sessions, my client told me that she had apprehensions about hypnotherapy, as she had once seen a stage show where people were hypnotised. But she allowed me to put her at ease about what hypnotherapy could do for her. And she has never looked back. Hypnotherapy changed her life in just 28 days. The testimonial she gave me speaks for itself;

“Mrs B has changed my life. I signed up feeling as low as I think possible but after 3 sessions I feel like a completely different person. I’ve not felt this happy for about 3 years. I had my apprehensions at first, like I think everyone would have, but Mrs B completely put my mind at ease from the very beginning. It’s completely different to what you imagine it to be, would definitely recommend to everyone.”

How hypnotherapy works for depression 

Hypnotherapy gets deep into the subconscious mind and helps resolve the ‘unfinished business’ that people who are depressed usually have, be that fear, guilt or anger. Hypnotherapy can release the emotions and traumatic memories or experiences that trap someone in that unhappy way of being. A client usually finds that after treatment, the depression lifts, unhelpful thoughts go away and they are ready to live again. Positive affirmations replace negative thoughts.    

Be one of my success stories!      

Hypnotherapy can help you get back on the road to a healthier, happier life. Research has shown how effective hypnotherapy can be for depression, why not try it for yourself? I offer a free consultation, without obligation. You never know, one day you might end up being one of my success stories! Contact me today to see how I can help you. 

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