Are you banned from your sport right now?  COVID-19 is affecting everyone, including  those who would normally be pushing themselves to their limit to excel in their sport. It’s time we help change that and look to inspire creativity to prevent any dip in performance. If you are anxious and currently unable to train/play as you normally would, use your very powerful imagination. Access the psychological side of your own sport. COVID has left many athletes without the capacity to perform, many feeling anxious over their performance. But sport is 10% physical and 90% mental.


Sportsmen and women devote huge quantities of time and effort to maintain and improve physical prowess.  But how much time do they devote to MENTAL attitude?  Sport is about being strong in the face of adversity  and in our current lockdown world sports coaches are turning to visualisation techniques, mental strength and positive outlook, the psychological side of sport, to guide their athletes through these unprecedented times

“The power of imagined practice is huge…it reproduces the neurological routes that would occur if we performed the situation in reality” (Fisher, 1986; cited by Jiménez, 2007)

In sport, margins matter and hypnosis training the mind can open the doors to those margins.

Hypnosis will provide and hone:

• Confidence

• Motivation

• Focus

• Competition Preparation

• Mental Toughness

• Performance plus Rehearsal Techniques

And much more!

From ball games to water sports, whatever the level Hypnosis can help every athlete and sportsman/woman along the road to Superstardom! Let Hypnosis give YOU  the margins.

Some Famous Users of Hypnosis…

Tiger Woods had a prestigious golfing career.  He was able to make shots that no one else could.  He used hypnosis since he was 13 to calm his mind, free his mind from worry, pressure, distraction and focus on the pleasure of the game.

Kevin McBride (boxer) is known for beating Mike Tyson in a championship fight. The boxer used hypnosis to unlock his talent at just the right time.

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