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Are you addicted?

Are you addicted?

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Beat Addiction

Have you ever joked about being ‘addicted’ to your morning coffee? Well for people who suffer from real, incontrollable, and often harmful addictions to substances or certain types of behaviour, they’re no laughing matter.


According to the NHS, two million people in the UK are battling an addiction, and the most common addictions are drugs, alcohol, gambling, the internet, nicotine, and food.

Do you have an addiction?

If you are dependent on something to just get through the day, and it’s having a negative impact on your health, relationships, and work, you probably have an addiction.

Once you recognise and admit this to yourself (which is the hardest bit), you can get help, gain control, and get your life back.

The good news is, there are many sources of help for addictions, and hypnotherapy is one of the treatments that people often find very helpful. So what causes addictions and how can hypnotherapy help?

How does an addiction start?

An addiction can start as a habit that you might not think is particularly harmful at the beginning. Just one cigarette that becomes 10-a-day, then 20. One glass of wine after work that become half a bottle, then a bottle. Over time, we can become physically and psychologically dependent on these things, so much so that we have no control over our impulses to satisfy our urges or cravings.

The signs that you might have an addiction

  • It becomes the most important thing in your life
  • You stop doing things you used to enjoy
  • You experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you stop
  • It’s causing problems in your relationships and at work
  • It’s impacting upon your mood and health
  • You need more of it to get the same ‘high’

What are the causes of addiction?

There is no one single known cause, but there are things that increase your chances of developing an addiction, such as a family history of addiction, trauma during childhood, and suffering from stress and anxiety.

How does something give us a ‘high?’

Research has found a link between the use of particular substances and activities and the release of the ‘pleasure hormone’ dopamine in the brain. Dopamine makes us feel euphoric and energised, and the brain remembers this. If the brain creates the link between a substance or activity and feelings of intense pleasure, it drives us to repeat the experience. But over time, the brain’s tolerance to dopamine increases, so that means we need more of whatever we’re taking or doing to get the same effect. In these circumstances, addiction becomes much more likely.

How can hypnotherapy help with addiction?

Hypnotherapy is an effective and evidence-based treatment for addiction.

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During hypnotherapy sessions, we will dig into the subconscious and identify the underlying causes of the addiction. Once we know what’s really going on underneath, we can really start to work on it, and help you see that the addiction is something you can, and will, overcome.

During hypnosis, you’ll be in a relaxed state, and much more receptive to looking at your addiction differently, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, and unhealthy behaviours with healthier ones. Hypnotherapy can reprogramme your subconscious about what is actually possible, and you’ll believe that you can beat your addiction. Not only that, you will want to.

What have you got to lose?

Everyone deserves to be happy and to live their lives at their fullest potential, but sometimes ingrained behaviours, thoughts, and beliefs can get in the way. This is where hypnotherapy can come in.

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