Hypnotherapy in pregnancy and childbirth

Childbirth is a completely natural process, but it often fills women with fear and trepidation. To be afraid of the unknown, and of being in pain is completely normal. But what if you knew that the fear could potentially make the whole experience more difficult and painful? My Antenatal classes can help you.

The body’s response to fear is to release stress hormones. One of the side effects of these hormones is that they make the muscles tense. If you want an easier, less painful birthing experience, tense muscles are not what you need.

Hypnotherapy can play a big part in helping you to get rid of fear and tension around giving birth. Sessions are aimed at helping you and your partner prepare on a mental, physical and spiritual level. You will be introduced to simple techniques which will help make you feel more relaxed and more able to trust that your body can do exactly what it’s designed to do. So often, women are led to believe that labour is excruciating and you deal with it by using every drug at your disposal in the delivery room. These medications have their place, but medical intervention can take some of the control away from you. Hypnotherapy can give you that control back.

What techniques do you use in sessions?

Hypnotherapy techniques for pregnancy and childbirth are based on breathing, relaxation, visualisation and suggestion to your deep subconscious, as well as education around pregnancy and labour. The more informed and prepared you are, the less fear you will have. I also teach clients self-hypnosis which is a very valuable tool to have at your disposal.

What will we achieve in sessions?

Techniques we will work on will aim to:

Reinforce that pregnancy and childbirth is a normal and natural process

Eliminate fear and tension

Reduce or even get rid of pain

Promote a shorter labour

Increase bonding between mother and baby

Minimise the need for medical intervention

Make birth a calm, gentle experience


What can hypnotherapy help with?

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a normal part of pregnancy but it can be unpleasant. Hypnotherapy can remind you that you have control over your body and that even though the sickness is not nice, it’s a sign that everything is ticking along as it should be.

High blood pressure

Stress can cause high blood pressure and pregnancy is a stressful time. High blood pressure can also be caused by pregnancy itself. Hypnotherapy sessions use gentle calming and relaxing techniques to keep blood pressure steady, and keep mother and baby healthy.

Preparing for labour and birth

Hypnotherapy sessions leading up to the birth work on getting rid of fear and tension, and on pain management techniques. What the mind tells us is what the body feels, so the goal is to use hypnotherapy to fill your subconscious mind with an expectation of a calm birth experience.


This is very important as through hypnosis, you are taught that you are in control, that your body is designed for this purpose and knows exactly what to do. If a client practises the techniques I teach them regularly, they become learned behaviour and they should feel more confident and prepared by the time they are due to give birth.

Post-natal depression

Hypnotherapy can help remove negative feelings and thoughts, reduce anxiety and boost self-esteem at a time when a lot of women badly need it.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a stressful time, but it can also be a wonderful time, and hypnotherapy can help you embrace it.

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