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I am passionate about the ability of clinical hypnotherapy after my own experience of using it in my recovery from Functional Weakness. I woke one morning and tried to make it to the bathroom but could not remember how to walk. Really crazy things started happening and very quickly that morning my speech altered, my emotions changed rapidly from hysterical laughter to tears. I lost control of my bladder. Some days I couldn’t speak and had to write things down in a book I wanted to say. I used a bath lift to get into the bath. I was admitted to the hospital and had many tests but was told nothing was wrong medically. I left the hospital after a week on a zimmer frame. I used crutches to get around and sometimes was taken out in a wheelchair.

A consultant told me that he knew what was happening to me. He told me to think of a computer. He said my hard drive was in order but my software needed repairing. This made so much sense and brought relief to know that nothing was wrong medically. I had two dates that were important to me later that year, one was my sons’ graduation ceremony and the other was a holiday that was booked. I decided that it was mind over matter and that I was going to beat this. This is when I contacted my very own hypnotherapist who was passionate about the mind.

She helped me release things from my subconscious that I didn't even realise were there. We worked together and as we did my body repaired itself. I no longer needed a zimmer, wheelchair and eventually crutches. I returned to work, I attended my son’s graduation and I had my holiday, which is where I left the crutches. My therapist then trained me to become a qualified practitioner, so that I to could help others. I am grateful to hypnosis for helping me become well again and of course my wonderful therapist.

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