Help to improve your golf with hypnosis

90% of your game starts with mindset

Many golfers get frustrated and fed up, or just lack focus, when playing golf. They know they can do better but somehow whatever they do just doesn't improve their game. Some golfers even consider giving up. Help to improve your golf with hypnosis.

It doesn't matter how much you spend on golf equipment your golf will suffer if you are frustrated, lacking confidence or just unable to focus properly for the full 18 holes. It is your mindset that is the culprit. Up to 90% of your golf performance is related to your mindset!

Famous people who use hypnosis

How can hypnotherapy help?

Using hypnotic relaxation skills I help you to deal with negative thoughts, focus in on your golf game, be confident, and play calmly and consistently, taking you to the next level with better scorecards. Many top golfers use these mental game methods. They have the edge. Why shouldn't you? If hypnosis good enough for Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, then it's good enough for you.

If you get noticeably frustrated or annoyed on the golf course you are projecting a bad image of yourself to others. Things like swearing, a sullen attitude, or throwing clubs around won't do your golf any good either. If you want to play golf well you need to learn how to relax, flow with the game and, in doing so, you will play better golf, control your behaviour and actually enjoy the day out.

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