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Pampering Yourself

Pampering Yourself

Pampering Yourself

I would like to introduce and thank Amanda Chivers from SkinSense who has blogged as my guest about feelings towards pampering ourselves.  When was the last time you took time out and indulged a little?  My own subscribers are in for a treat because on the 30th April one lucky person will receive a £50 pamper voucher.  Everyone will be entered and the pamper will be local to the winner.  New subscribers will also receive my FREE MP3 relaxation download automatic.  Spring is well and truly here now so think about how you could take some time out for you and what would you most enjoy do you think?

Here is what Amanda has to say……..

Is it really pampering?

“We are not human beings, we are human doings.”

That’s what my yoga teacher always said to us, you know what, he was right! We are always doing this, doing that and never take the time to just ‘be’. When was the last time you just sat down and did nothing, no list making in your head, no thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner, just sat and were totally in that place at that time?

It’s really hard to do nothing and just be, but so very important for our emotional and mental wellbeing, that’s why pampering is so crucial. But let’s talk about pampering for a minute; the word ‘pampering’ what does it actually mean? What does it conjure up in your mind? Doing something relaxing for yourself, a massage maybe; luxury; indulgence, being pampered and spoilt.

The word pampered has all the wrong connotations linked to it, so let’s rename what you need to do as self-love, self-care, preservation, call it whatever you like, it’s something that’s necessary for each and every one of us to include in our daily, weekly, monthly routine.


Why do we attach feelings of guilt to doing something for ourselves for a change? Do children run around constantly being busy and doing things for everyone else and ignore what makes them happy for the sake of other people? No they live in the moment and if something brings them happiness and joy they do it without question. So why as adults have we learnt to ignore our basic needs and bury them deep down inside and if they so much as dare to pop up and say ‘hey you this is what I need’ we squash them under a layer of ‘too busy for that’, ‘that’s just selfish’ and ‘ I couldn’t possibly do that for myself’? Don’t we all deserve to be put first for a change, forget the day to day toils and take a bit of time out? Yes of course we do!

Time Away

What constitutes pampering (insert your own name for it), going for a walk in the countryside, not because you need to walk the dog or take the kids out but because you want to; curling up in your favourite chair and reading a book; doing some yoga or meditation; having a facial or massage or any treatment you fancy? In that hour or so that you choose to take for yourself, your self-love, your self-care, it’s time to calm your mind, soothe your nerves and feed your soul, and generally just take a small slice of time away from your never-ending day to day routine.

I know it’s hard and takes self-discipline to really truly take that time out when you’re surrounded by reminders of the many things you should be doing and that’s why taking yourself out of your environment to go and have a facial, a massage, attend a yoga class or try some hypnotherapy can really help, never mind all the wonderful physical benefits you’ll get.

So I challenge you to do something for yourself. It’is not selfish – it’s self-preservation; it isn’t indulgent; it’s necessary. Give yourself permission, you know it makes sense.

In love, health and happiness,

Amanda Chivers



I think a facial would be lovely Amanda, it has been years since I last had one.

If anyone has any issues getting in the way of them enjoying life that they need help with (hypnotherapy can help with so much) get in touch and arrange your FREE no obligation consultation with me.



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