Your Mind Can Change Your Life

Lose Weight with Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

Success Rate is a Whopping 95%
No Surgery Required, Life Changing


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You have the right to be happy!

Your Mind Can Change Your Life

Wedding Stress

Educational Performance

Virtual Gastric Band Therapy

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Are you looking to make positive changes?  Do you want to change your perspective and create new thought patterns?  Do you dream of improvement in your overall health? Are your emotions and mental well-being affecting your health?

Do you want to gain insight and change your own perspective of your life and even yourself?

Are you aged between 10 and 80?  My clients are between this age range, yes really.  I can work with them from anywhere too.

What can hypnotherapy help you with?

Accessing your subconscious part can address many many issues including:


Alcohol Reduction



Exam Stress and preparation

Fears and Phobias

Menopause and Andropause (male version)

Infertility Issues

Smoking Cessation


What is stopping you?


Can you be hypnotised?

Absolutely you can.  We all do it every single day of our lives anyway.  It is essential that you feel safe and comfortable and actually want it.

Who is it not suitable for?

If you are diagnosed with a severe personality disorder

If you are using very high levels of street drugs

If you are unwilling to follow the guidance 


Everyone has individual needs and is unique, just like your DNA or thumbprint and therefore you are worked with accordingly.

Fees will be discussed after the initial FREE consultation I offer you, once I know your story and more about you as a person.

If you want to try it and experience hypnosis before embarking on a fully personalised programme, I am happy to accommodate this at a minimal cost, just ask.

My Newsletter followers can benefit from offers and discounts.  Sign up today even if now is not the right time.  Benefit in the future when the time is the right time for you.

My mission is to help individuals mend emotions, unhealthy thinking and deceptive brain messages that negatively affect their lives and keeps them from achieving their goals, all of them!

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