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I am continually amazed by the gentleness and efficiency of hypnotherapy at breaking up unwanted barriers that hold people back from health, goals and dreams. The best thing about being a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist is celebrating my clients’ successes. My mission is to help individuals mend emotions, unhealthy thinking and deceptive brain messages that negatively affect their lives and keeps them from achieving their goals, all of them! By helping you let go of limiting beliefs and negative thought pattern you can regain self-control over your habits, altering behaviours and release deep-seated emotional issues in the process. Together, we can achieve the results that you want or have been searching for so that you can look forward to success in your endeavours and enjoying a calm and improved lifestyle. And just in case you are worried, don’t be.

Hypnosis is used by everyone to find peace, clarity and more constructive perspectives in their lives and challenges to move into a better feeling place. Through hypnosis we can work together to create rapid and dramatic changes in your thinking and habits so that you can feel better about anything you want to in your life!

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Is your club, society or organisation looking for a guest speaker? A Free Presentation to keep your members entertained and interested? Hypnotherapy in our world today. A live demonstration may also take place depending on time scales. This will inform and educate the benefits of hypnosis in today’s society. It will dispel the myths and misconceptions brought about by television and media.

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